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Introductory Letter

Hello world and welcome to Unconventional Logic! Unconventional Logic is a platform for authors and bloggers to express their fact-based opinions. My vision is that this platform will become the home of many great and inspiring intellectuals who will share their well-founded views on today’s biggest issues. I envision my role in this home to be that of the silent figure working in the background. My job is to keep this home running smoothly so that better minds than my own can open the minds of others.

With that being said, I would like to give a little background on myself and talk about why this site exists. I am a full time professional in the field who currently works anywhere from 40-80 hours per week. I do a lot of travelling and have a lot of time to myself. This gives me a lot of time to read, process, and think. From all this reading and processing and thinking I have come to what I consider to be a pretty obvious conclusion: Our National Media System is seriously FLAWED! The instant and massive availability of information was a great thing that came from the world wide web. Unfortunately, as with most new technology, we were unable to see the problems that would come from this awesomely powerful thing; and the most glaring issue (in my not-so-humble opinion) is the lack of ability to tell the truth from the lies.

To be fair, this flaw has always been an issue with our media sources. No-one at home had the desire or ability to fact-check Walter Cronkite when he told America the latest and most important news stories on CBS Evening News. Walter could have claimed that the Russians had invaded Madagascar, and nobody would have been able to prove him wrong without physically going there to see. Today, someone on Twitter who lives in Madagascar would simply post a peaceful, Russian-less photo and debunk Walter’s shoddy claim in a matter of minutes. This was the problem with past media; no ability to fact check at all. Walter Cronkite may have held America’s ear in the 1960’s and 70’s, but most other media sources were small, local outfits that only reached an insular population. Each area had their own, mostly-independent news teams that could tell a truth or a lie, but only to a very limited population. This generally prevented the mass spread of lies like we have today. Today we have a different problem; people could fact-check but don’t, and the lies travel too quickly to contain. Today, practically anyone can post on any of a hundred mass-media platforms, claim absolutely anything without a shred of proof, and it could become “fact” for millions of people in a matter of hours. Don’t believe me? I have three words for you: Celebrity Death Hoax.

The internet gave us the ability to spread knowledge at the speed of light. What we didn’t realize is that stupidity travels just as fast, and is far more contagious.

It’s for this reason that I decided to start a media outlet dedicated to truth and logic, especially the unconventional kind. All of the articles from every author will be based on verifiable data, with links or uploads of our sources available right on our website. This isn’t to say that our authors won’t share their opinions and conclusions from those facts, but we hope to do this in a more responsible manor than our competitors.

So, without going on any more of a rant, and letting the above mentioned “better minds” take the writing reigns, I welcome all readers to our site. I sincerely hope that the content here makes you think outside the crate!

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